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CLG 2009 Retreat
Location: East Stroudsburg University
Date: 5/23-5/25, 2009
Memorial Day Weekend

Speakers' Biography

Dr. Rev.
Paul Kim
CLGNJ Retreat 2009 Departure Guide
* You must enclose the entire Fee to be registered.
   Please make check payable to CLGNJ
* Retreat meeting starts at 9am on May 24 and ends on May 26 after lunch.
   Please arrive on time and gather at Keystone Hall
* All conferees must carry their Campus ID card when entering the cafeteria.
   Any lost room key or Campus ID card will result in a charge of $20 each
* No children or youth shall leave the Retreat site/campus without prior
* A parent or legal guardian must complete and sign the Parental/ Guardian
   Consent Form, if the applicant is under the age of 18 by May 24, 2008.
   Please attach both registration and parental consent forms to our
* No roller-blades or skate-boards at the Retreat camp site
* Swimming Pool will be closed all time except for Baptism Service ONLY
* Nametag must be worn at all time during retreat, for security reason and
   for the benefit of knowing each other
* Please guard your own personal items. Retreat Committee is not
   responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings

Suggested list of things to bring with you
* Your Bible and notebook
* Personal supplies
* Towel, pillow and blanket (ONLY linen will be provided)
* Sleeping bag or folding bed for your children, if necessary
* Flash Light, Electric fan, if necessary (ALL rooms are NOT air-conditioned)

Retreat Committee Members
* Pin Tai
* David Constable
* Kam Yuen
* Sarah Eng
* Dorothy Lau
* James Lau
* Rosa Ng
* Lillian Woo

* (973)978-9028 Lillian Tang
* (908)251-2428 Flora Kam
* (718)619-6430 Winnie Leung

Driving Directions
1. Depart on I-80 (West)
2. Take Exit # 308 (East Stroudsburg), Bear RIGHT onto Prospect Street
3. Turn right onto Center Street (after 1st traffic light).
4. Park your car at the designated Parking Areas.
5. Please keep luggage inside your car and walk to Keystone Hall.



    Early Bird    Mar 22 - Apr 12
    Deadline    May 3
2009 Retreat's Short Clips
2009 Retreat Messages and Workshops
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Message 2
Message 3
Message 4
Message 5
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